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1. Masks will be required while in the building (We’re asking everyone to keep them on even during class, if they need to temporarily take them off to breathe they can)

2. Everyone will be asked to enter through the front entrance and leave through the back exit

3. Indoor shoes will be required in the studio
4. We have capped classes at 10 + 1 instructor (11 in studio total) 

5. We have added markings in the studio so everyone can social distance properly
6. Everyone will also get their temperature checked before entering the studio (If your temperature is above 37.8C unfortunately you will not be allowed in and we will ask you to leave)
7. Everyone will be required to fill out a health declaration form
8. We will not be providing water or coffee at this time so please bring your own water bottles
9. We will be limiting the amount of time in the facility so once class is done we will be asking everyone to exit the building or wait outside
10. We are asking everyone to limit the use of the washrooms during this time
11. We will be constantly disinfecting high-touch areas such as door knobs, counters, handles, and more

12. Participants will be required to give their Full Legal Name, Phone Number, Email, and Address for COVID-19 tracking in case of any breakouts


I declare that:

- I have not travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

- I have not had any fever, coughing, or any other flu-like or COVID-19 like symptoms in the last 14 days 

- I have not knowingly been in contact with anyone that has any fever, coughing, or any other flu-like or COVID-19 
like symptoms in the last 14 days 

- I have not participated in any large gatherings that go against COVID-19 regulations and guidelines 

- To the best of my ability, I have followed the COVID-19 prevention guidelines as directed by the Ontario Government 

- I will inform Kindred Culture and the owners of the declaration form if I do begin to show any fever, coughing, or any other flu-like or COVID-19 like symptoms in the next 14 days

- I allow Kindred Culture and the owners of this declaration form to share my contact information above to help with any COVID-19 tracing if required

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  Check out how we responded to COVID-19  



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